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Portals, gravity shifts dropped for Prey 2

Shifts away from puzzle elements.

2012 first-person shooter Prey 2 will not include the portals and gravity shifts that were central to the first game's appeal.

Why? Because developer Human Head wanted the sequel to be less of a puzzler than the first.

"We explored a lot of the ways you could use portals and gravity in combat, and I really wanted to shift away from making it too much of a puzzle game," lead designer Chris Reinhart told the latest issue of PSM3 magazine (reported by Beefjack.

"Portals and gravity were the functions of The Sphere [the mothership in the original game]. And The Sphere's gone."

Prey 2 is inspired by DICE's Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Riddick and Blade Runner.

The main character, Killian Samuels, is a sheriff and prison guard. He is nimble, and can perform Parkour moves.

Gameplay revolves around using wide-open spaces and shadows to sneak up on enemies. The structure is described as "open".

The game will not feature multiplayer and will not support 3D, Kinect or PlayStation Move.

Prey 2, published by id Software owner Bethesda, does use id Tech but doesn't use id Tech 5.