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Why Prey 2 was removed from Bethesda's website

It's not very exciting.

What's going on with Prey 2? In April, Bethesda said it wouldn't be a 2012 game. But now, Prey 2 has disappeared from Bethesda's online portfolio.

What gives, pray tell?

"We announced the delay in April, and until we're ready to talk about the game more, the focus on the site is on our upcoming titles," a spokesperson for Bethesda informed Eurogamer this afternoon. Oh. That's it? No drama?

So, how far away is Prey 2, then? The furthest-away project listed by Bethesda online is MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, due in 2013. If Prey 2 arrives any later than that, I'd joke about it becoming a cross-generational/next-generation game, ha ha!

The last time Prey 2 was visible was last year, when it looked enormously encouraging. It's less of a sequel and more of a re-imagining, and far more ambitious than our Tom Bramwell had expected.

Will it be the same game when it surfaces again? The answer depends on whether Human Head, the original developer, is working on it. There was speculation about this and a possible dispute between Human Head and Bethesda back in April, when the official Prey 2 delay was announced.

The other possibility is that Prey 2 has become a nature documentary to expose the less known victims of the food-chain. Or, that it's become a streetwise television series focusing on religion, the first episode being Prey 2: Jesus.

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