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Prey coming to iPhone

Sci-fi shooter due within weeks.

3D Realms' sci-fi shooter Prey is coming to iPhone in the next few weeks.

Developer MachineWorks Northwest will handle the conversion, according to IGN, and has made a nifty on-screen thumb-control system to help steer hero Tommy around. These sensor bars, incidentally, can be moved around the screen to fit individual preference.

Despite being squashed from Xbox 360 and PC, Prey on iPhone will retain many of the feature gameplay mechanics: wall-walking, puzzles and lots of satisfying organic weaponry.

The visuals are said to be rather sumptuous, too, with alien ships sporting the right atmospheric touches: bulging veins, aliens, and, er, more aliens.

Prey finally launched on PC and Xbox 360 back in 2006 after nearly a decade in development in one form or another. The story follows Cherokee Tommy onto an alien spaceship in search of his abducted girlfriend and grandfather.

He soon faces all sorts of unfriendly opposition, but has a trick up his sleeve: his Cherokee background allows his spirit to wander forth from his body and roam freely - a mechanic used often to solve puzzles.

A sequel to Prey has been announced, and 3D Realms big shot Scott Miller has been bullish about the sort of technology that will be on display.

Head over to our Xbox 360 Prey review for an idea of what to expect.