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More October 250GB PS3 evidence

Another retailer steps forward.

Eurogamer has been told by another UK retailer that a 250GB PS3 Slim bundle "is a definite for October".

Our source, who asked for anonymity, said the shop's suppliers didn't know which game or games will be combined with the console, but they did say that Sony plans to unveil the bundle or bundles at the Tokyo Game Show later this month - 24th to 27th September.

This is the third bit piece of evidence this week. A Spanish shop kicked off the stories, revealing a €350 FIFA 10-plus-250GB PS3 Slim bundle bound for October.

A top UK retailer backed this up a day later, but claimed the UK will get a choice of game accompaniments when splashing £299.99 on the bundle. Those titles, we were told, will be Assassin's Creed II, Gran Turismo 5 and Uncharted 2.

Sony continues to decline comment on the matter, but has a poor track record of keeping secrets lately - the PS3 Slim and PSPgo being cases in point. Whether this one can go the distance remains to be seen.