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EVE to revamp alliance warfare

In winter expansion Dominion.

CCP has announced the title and theme for its next major update to EVE Online: Dominion, a "free expansion" due in winter 2009.

The focus of the expansion is the serious business of sovereignty mechanics - in other words, the territorial battle for space between player-run alliances and corporations. This system will get a "complete overhaul", of which there are no details just yet, but CCP promises a "brilliant mix of our game design vision and the input we've received from fans". Perhaps it will also pave the way for input from the console spin-off Dust 514?

"Care bears" who prefer to fight the computer won't be ignored, with new epic story arcs for the pirate factions, and an integrated social network feature for EVE players will be introduced.

Expect more detail in the coming months, notably from EVE's Fanfest on 1st to 3rd October.