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Big Battlefield: Heroes update soon

Gunner revamp and ranks revealed.

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EA DICE plans to revitalise Battlefield: Heroes with a significant Heroes of the Fall update. There's no date for the patch yet, but the "Fall" part of the title perhaps offers an autumnal clue.

The changes that have been announced so far including revamping the Gunner class and ranking players so that it's easier to distinguish newcomers from veterans, according to the BF Heroes website.

The Gunner is getting an Explosive Keg, which detonates to not only harm but also daze, confuse and slow anybody caught in the blast. His Frenzy Fire ability will also be able to heal him, a little or a lot depending on the amount of damage caused during the frenzy. Best of all, the Gunner will soon share his protective shield with his allies, providing the Soldiers and Commandos with extra cover.

Ranks, meanwhile, will be dished out by faction HQ after you reach level 10. You'll get a title to display to others both on the battlefield and on your profile page. Speaking of which, those pages will soon be split into three sections for clarity: Friends, Favourites and Fans.

Battlefield Heroes, a free-to-play online shooter, launched earlier this summer. Despite plenty of charisma, we felt it lacked depth, which leaves EA in the difficult position of choosing whether to pour money into a project that may not be giving much back.

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