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GOD adds Double Agent, GRAW

Still rather expensive, mind.

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Ubisoft has donated Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter to the Xbox Live Games on Demand service.

Both games cost £19.99 and can be bought from their separate pages (SCDA, GRAW)

Most online retailers sell Double Agent for around £16, although drops the price to £13.50. GAME has the biggest discount at £9.99, but unhelpfully doesn't stock the game at the moment.

The convenience of downloading should make up for that saving of a few pounds (or at least you assume that's the argument), and consider Splinter Cell Double Agent you should, because it's excellent. Head over to our 9/10 review to find out why.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter didn't score as highly, but headlined an early flock of next-gen titles with gusto..

We'd suggest shopping around for GRAW, however, as has the game for under a tenner. ShopTo and GAME aren't far off at £13.00 and £10.99, either.

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