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Beatles: Rock Band is selling well

Says man who sells Beatles: Rock Band.

Guitar Hero 5 may be topping the UK charts this week, but The Beatles: Rock Band is also doing very well thank you.

That's according to Viacom boss Philippe Dauman, speaking in an investors' call (as reported by Industry Gamers).

"It's been terrific. The sales have exceeded our internal expectations," he said. "In the first week we've sold about 25 per cent of our inventory, and we've had tremendous excitement around this game."

Eurogamer's own Johnny Minkley has indeed been tremendously excited, giving the game 9/10. and he's not the only one, said Dauman.

"The reviews have been incredible... It really is a work of art. The game delivers in all respects and we think it's going to have legs."

Apparently The Beatles: Rock Band is "selling well across all platforms", with the PS3 price cut giving that version a particular boost.

They're even managing to shift the $249 limited edition set, said Dauman. "[It's] selling really fast and it looks like we'll be selling out of that in November, so if any of you are interested in buying that you'd better hurry up," he added, not sounding a bit desperate at all.

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The Beatles: Rock Band

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