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Rock Band library swells to 1000 songs

Plus: create-and-share Network in 2010.

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There are now over 1000 songs to download for Rock Band, thanks to the updates offered weekly since the series launched in late 2006.

In the summer of 2007 the promise of new songs was frequently newsworthy. This is the 105th week-and-counting of this rigorous schedule.

In all that time over 60 million songs have been downloaded. Tracks cost a quid individually or £2.50 for a typical pack of three.

Harmonix and MTV are not content, however, and will launch another pioneering venture called the Rock Band Network that will allow players to share and sell music of their own.

The latest estimate (reported by Kotaku) puts the Network's launch next year, with a public beta to air - MTV hopes - before the end of 2009.

Today, the Rock Band series counts two core instalments plus numerous spin-offs such as The Beatles: Rock Band and LEGO: Rock Band.

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