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Sgt. Pepper released for Beatles: RB

Today on 360 and Wii, Thursday on PSN.

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The second full album add-on for The Beatles: Rock Band is released this week. The seminal 1967 work Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is out on Xbox Live and the Wii Shop today, and will appear on PlayStation Network as part of Thursday's update.

Five songs from Sgt. Pepper are already on the game disc. On 360 and PS3 you have the option of downloading the remaining eight tracks in a "Complete the Album Pack" for £7.49, €8.99, $13.49 or 1080 Microsoft Points. Each song is available individually for 99p, €1.39, £1.99 or 160 MSP if all you want is to see how on earth When I'm Sixty-Four works out.

On Wii, there's no pack, so you'll have to buy the tracks individually. They cost 200 Wii Points each - about £1.50, €2, or $2.

Sgt. Pepper, with its elaborate instrumentation and bizarre vaudeville theme, is credited with elevating the pop album to an art form. Abbey Road came out last month; the fantastic Rubber Soul is up next in December.

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