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EG rocks with Pixie Lott at GH5 launch

Europe-wide record attempt underway.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fresh from headlining the Cavern Club on Tuesday night, the Eurogamer Super Group was back on stage this morning with Essex songstress Pixie Lott, to kick off a Guinness World Record attempt marking the launch of Guitar Hero 5.

The event, overseen by an official Guinness adjudicator, began at 11am in HMV's flagship store at 150 Oxford Street, London, with France, Italy, Spain, Holland and Sweden running sessions simultaneously to find the territory which can produce the greatest number of players over the next 24 hours using the game's 'jump in, jump out' Party Play mode.

Clearly Lott had been made aware of Eurogamer's god-given talent at making fools of ourselves, so she bottled it on the singing, electing instead to wield the plastic axe while EG wailed its way through Blur's "Song 2", half-blinded by incessantly flashing paparazzi lights - none of which, amazingly, was aimed at us.

18 year-old Lott, whose second single, "Boys And Girls", is expected to top the UK charts this weekend, then quit the stage to allow punters the chance to help set the record. If you fancy taking part yourself, you can just turn up at the store before 7pm this evening. Apparently you get a certificate and everything.

Watch out for the action, plus a chat on the tour bus with Pixie, on EGTV early next week. Guitar Hero 5 released for PS3, PS2, 360 and Wii today, and we think it's rather wonderful.

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