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Capcom confirmed for EG Expo

Lost Planet 2, Monster Hunter Tri, more.

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You know, this is already a pretty sweet job. We get to play games, write about them and attend parties populated by heroes, fairies and talking cars. It gets even better, however, when it comes to making these joyful announcements about the marvellous games you’ll all be playing at this year’s Eurogamer Expos.

Making the transition from rumoured to confirmed today are those stalwart folk at Capcom, green-lighting no less than five titles to be shown on our already packed show floors in London and Leeds.

Top of the list is a eight-player Lost Planet 2 experience on PS3. A slight departure in its multiplayer focus, the Lost Planet sequel still features the huge enemies and stompy robot suits which made the original so popular. Take a look at the gameplay trailer over on Eurogamer TV for a better idea of the new, less icy setting.

The 360 is seeing some tasty Capcom love, too, with Dark Void, all verticality and jet-packs. Last laid hands upon at this year’s glamorous Captivate event by Tom, Dark Void comes from the studio who brought us Crimson Skies. Take a look at the videos we've been diligently collecting to help you get a handle on this aeronautical new IP.

It's the Wii which has the lion's share of Capcom titles this year, however, so warm up those elbows before you arrive. Actually, you'll not even need them for the first game, the fabulously over-the-top beat-'em-up Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, because there'll be awesome fight-stick arrangements for you to enjoy it through. Tatsunoko Productions might not be the household name in the West that it is in Asia, but how can you not like the company who made Samurai Pizza Cats? Rest assured that the roster of fighters it'll bring to the virtual table should make the match-up a memorable one.

Also playable on Wii at the show, and particularly exciting to fans of being kicked repeatedly in the teeth (among whom I proudly count myself), is the newest knife in the Monster Hunting drawer: Tri, looking lovelier all the time. All new monsters, weapons, armour and materials should be enough to bring any fans of the series running, and to anyone who's yet to sample its strangely masochistic delights - come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

It's not all new toys though - sometimes we pay attention to what you've enjoyed previously too. That's why we're bringing back the ever-popular Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets from last year's show, when we were left breathless at just how bad we can be at fighting members of the public, even in an imaginary rumble. Setting the standard at the cabs again will be Capcom's very own Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and, er Voider of Darkness extraordinaire - Leo Tan. We asked him for a sensible, down to earth quote about what the Eurogamer Expo really meant to Capcom as a company, and this is what he said:

"Being involved in the Eurogamer Expo is more than just a lifetime's ambition fulfilled, it's the ultimate proof that life is worth living. I get to bring Capcom's games to those that want to play them the most - the Eurogamer team. You see, like the ever-sexual Dan Pearson is always telling me, Capcom makes better games than any other developer in the world (not counting Final Fight Streetwise, obviously). So I know that when I tell you we'll have Lost Planet 2's stunning eight-player demo hot from Tokyo Game Show's floor, Monster Hunter Tri, Dark Void AND Tatsunoko vs Capcom, you'll literally eat your own face. And if you're not excited by that, you don't deserve to own your own thumbs."

So there you have it, thanks Leo. Those of you still in possession of both wits and thumbs will probably want to head directly to the tickets page and order up. Any other plans you had were likely to be a bit disappointing, anyway.

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