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MS reveals Dream Build Play winners

Ones to watch on XBL Indie Games.

Microsoft has revealed the winners of the 2009 Dream Build Play competition, picking four champions of the Xbox Live Indie Games scene.

Dean Dodrill takes top honours for "Dust: An Elysian Tail", a side-scrolling action RPG painted by hand in a cartoon telly-show style. The official Dust: An Elysian Tale website can tell you more.

Second prize goes to Panya Inversin for Max Blastronaut, a 3D space-shooter-cum-brawler offering co-op play for four. Again, there's plenty more info on the official Max Blastronaut website.

Rotor'scope - The Secret of the Endless Energy, a puzzle game that tests intelligence, takes third (the Rotor'scope website has more information). And martial arts action game HurricaneX2 Evolution finishes fourth.

Over 350 games were submitted to the competition, and prize money of $75,000 will be shared between the top four finishers: $40,000 for the winner, $20,000 for second, $10,000 for third and $5000 for fourth.

Website XONA has compiled a list of the top 20 entrants with trailers and short descriptions for each, where applicable.

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