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BioShock leads September GOD barrage

MS lays bare the month ahead.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has announced plans for Games on Demand, Avatar Marketplace and Deals of the Week for September.

Revered atmospheric shooter BioShock joined the downloadable game service yesterday. Next week, FIFA Street 3 barges in, swishing cartoon ponytails that flatter to deceive. That might not make sense, whereas Tom's FIFA Street 3 review does. [You say that... - Ed]

Shaun White Snowboarding slides into the picture the following week, and the first Fable II episode rounds out the month on 29th September. This will be free, remember, with subsequent ones to cost.

Lode Runner will be next week's Deal of the Week, followed by Pinball FX and finally the top 10 most downloaded songs of Guitar Hero World Tour.

September arrivals on the Avatar Marketplace include Forza Motorsport 3, '80s Modern and Urban Culture themes.

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