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Wii price not influenced by PS3/360

Nintendo exec denies being pushed.

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Nintendo has denied that the US and Japanese price cuts to Wii have anything to do with recent cuts for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"Not at all," was vice president of corporate affairs Denise Kaigler's assessment, speaking to GameSpot. "We were not driven by any other factors but our own business decision to do this.

"As I mentioned, this was timed to take place exactly when we're executing it. The holiday period is the best time for us to offer this great incentive for these consumers on the sidelines."

Kaigler refers there to the research Nintendo cited when announcing the price cut - $199 down from $249 in the US - that "there are 50 million Americans thinking about becoming gamers".

In the UK, meanwhile, Nintendo has announced a new bundle that adds Wii Sports Resort and a Wii MotionPlus to the existing Wii and Wii Sports package.

This is likely to retail for the roughly the same price as current Wii hardware following a dip amount trade buyers have to pay for their stock.

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