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Eurogamer's 10th Birthday! Nominate Your Top Ten Games

Vote for your favourites since 1999.

Lines are now closed! Sorry if you didn't submit your list in time. I suppose there's always 2019!

Eurogamer was born on 4th September 1999. Since that time, we've been through around half a dozen site designs, published over 3000 reviews and grown from a few good men scattered around the United Kingdom to over 20 people, some operating out of a handsome base in Brighton and others dotted around outposts across the country and as far afield as Israel.

We've even built out into a network of European sites, each run by their own little band of dedicated videogame lovers, established our own games convention, the Eurogamer Expo, and spent far too much money importing obscure Japanese DS games and then never shutting up about them. Slitherlink FTW.

But enough about us - we're going to be 10 years old next week, but you're the reason we've ever made it anywhere close to that, and we want you to join in by celebrating yourselves and the games that brought you here in the first place.

We'll be doing our own things next Friday to recognise the anniversary, but perhaps the most important one will be publishing your list of the best 50 games released since Eurogamer's inception. To that end, we need you to cast your minds back and list your top ten personal favourites. All a game had to do to be eligible was be released somewhere in the world on or after 4th September 1999.

We're encouraging you to treat Japanese and US-only releases with equal respect - just as we've always tried to do in covering the hobby we all love. Please also distinguish between individual games in the same series - if we feel there's justification for combining entries, we'll do that and explain to you why we've done so. It's your list - we're just taking names.

Once the votes are in by the middle of next week, we'll then do some magic behind the scenes and publish the list, along with one of our own, on 4th September 2009, so that everyone can see what we all reckon (and marvel, I would imagine, at just how much better your collective judgement will be than ours).

Oh, and if you need to remind yourself what's come out since 1999, check out our review archive, which is home, unless the tech team wants a slap, to everything we've ever published in love, approval, indifference or anger.

Thank you in advance, and thank you so much for reading Eurogamer, whether you've been here for the long haul or just arrived today. We write about games because we love games, but we've fallen in love with you along the way, and hopefully you don't think we're all bad either. Group hug!