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Japanese SFIV blog hints at sequel

Well, hints at a sequel announcement.

Capcom's Japanese Street Fighter IV blog has started hinting at a forthcoming sequel.

Natsuki Shiozawa wrote on Friday (thanks IGN) that some sort of announcement regarding the series' future is imminent, having said something similar the week before.

She actually uses the word "sequel" on the blog there, at least according to our Hyperwords translation, although Hyperwords also brings us the frankly unsettling, "Let's keep the flexibility? Black vinegar is drinking every day."

There are no further details on what Shiozawa's on about, and with the game having come out in just seven months ago, we're unlikely to be talking about full-blown Street Fighter V, but we'll let you know if anything pops up.

Because we're shameless, here's a link to our Street Fighter IV review while we're at it.

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