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DJ Hero turntable only works in DJ Hero

Peripheral incompatible with anything else.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Developer FreeStyleGames has said the DJ Hero turntable peripheral will not work with any other game but its own.

"DJ Hero is DJ Hero. If someone needed to use our controller, then they would basically have to rip our game off," creative director Jamie Jackson told Destructoid.

It's a statement that contradicts the instrument-sharing strides made by Rock Band and Guitar Hero lately. However, DJ Hero has only one peripheral and will be rival-less from launch this autumn until sometime next year.

Activision, of course, may decide to make the turntable compatible with future Guitar Hero instalments - in much the same way you can plug a guitar in and play DJ Hero currently.

DJ Hero has an SRP of £109.99, although most shops are offering the game for around 100 quid.

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