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DJ Hero DLC pricing explained

Basically, it costs more to make.

DJ Hero downloadable content costs more than Guitar Hero downloadable content because it costs more to produce, according to developer FreeStyleGames.

Individual tracks for Guitar Hero 5 currently cost 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, or £1.59 / €1.99 on PSN, whereas the first DLC for DJ Hero - a two-mix affair called Extended Mix Pack 01 - costs 480 MSP, or £4.79 / €5.99, suggesting individual mixes will run deeper up in your wallet yo.

"There's additional work in the creation process of the DJ Hero DLC - licensing multiple pieces of content and bringing in a professional DJ to mix the tracks - that brings the price [to these levels]," FSG's commercial director Chris Lee told IGN.

The two mixes in the Extended Mix Pack, which came out last week, were a mashup of Mary J. Blige's "All of Me" and Queen's "Radio Ga Ga", and a clash between "DARE" by Gorillaz and Public Enemy's "Can't Truss It" (check out the latter on Eurogamer TV).

The next DLC is the David Guetta Mix Pack 01, featuring three remixes, which will cost 640 MSP on Xbox Live and $7.99 on PSN (which probably translates to £5.49 / €7.99). Expect that on 24th November.

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