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New WiiWare recruitment drive soon

Ambassador rewards are big, pointy.

Nintendo plans to unleash a WiiWare recruitment initiative this October called the Connection Ambassador Promotion.

The message is simple: help a new customer connect their console to WiiWare and receive 500 Wii Points (around £3.50 / €5). Turn that into 10 recruits and become Connection Master Gold, a title that unlocks all first-party (Nintendo) NES games on Virtual Console for free.

Reach the maximum 20 recruits, however, and that Gold title turns to Platinum, and yours for free are any NES, SNES and N64 games by Nintendo. You'll also have amassed 10,000 Wii Points (around £70 / €100).

The platform holder unveiled the initiative today at a media event in heart of London, which we sent Oli Welsh along to cover. His choice of hat is as yet unknown.

Also spilling from the event is word that Wallace and Gromit creator Aardman Studios has used DSiWare's Flipnote Studio to make 12 mini-animations, which will be published - one a week - during the run up to Christmas. And they will be free to download.

Nintendo launched the WiiWare web portal today, too - where all news and game data is compiled. This adds a sorely needed marketing spotlight for WiiWare to be put in.

There are weekly and all-time sales charts there as well. The former is topped by Contra Rebirth and the latter dominated by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.

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