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Ant and Dec sign new deal with Nintendo

To star in TV ads and develop games.

Well-loved Geordie TV presenters PJ and Duncan have signed a deal with Nintendo that will "include everything from TV advertising to game development".

From 16th October they'll star in Nintendo UK's biggest ever ad campaign. The ads see Ant and Dec meeting members of the public and asking why, if they love Nintendo so much, they don't just marry it. Or something to that effect. Apparently the duo are big gamers and recently became obsessed with DS title Rhythm Paradise. "I have always been a massive fan of Nintendo consoles," said Ant. "I loved my Nintendo 64 growing up. Mario Kart 64 was my favourite, it kept Dec and I entertained for hours during the PJ and Duncan years! Even today when I play Mario Kart on my Wii, I have a lucky steering wheel at home that's only mine to use!" Dec added, "We're really excited to be working with Nintendo. The TV shows we make are for the whole family to watch together, and Nintendo makes games that the whole family can play together, so it’s the perfect match. The Donnelly family and I are big fans of Wii Sports and I am always challenging my nieces and nephews to games, I especially enjoy trying to get one over on them in an energetic game of baseball!" But what about the game development? Are we likely to see SingStar: PJ & Duncan any time soon?

"We're not talking about development yet - we're going to do that post Christmas," a spokesperson told our friends


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