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Record of Agarest War coming to PSN

It's an SRPG from Aksys Games.

A new SRPG titled Record of Agarest War is on the way to PlayStation Network.

It's set in "a gorgeous, expansive world of hope and despair", according to the press release, and will offer over a hundred hours of gameplay. Playing as lead character Leonhardt, you get to wage war against the forces of darkness, take a bride - "actually, several brides" - and "give birth to the hero of the next-generation".

There's a collaborative attack system so you can string together combo moves using multiple party members. A feature called Link Gauge will track your actions and the game will unfold differently according to the way you play. "Will you get the blonde girl or the red-head?! YOU JUST DON'T KNOW!" How exciting.

According to Michael Manzanares, producer at publisher Akysys Games, "This is one of those titles where morbid curiosity really hits you once see some screenshots. Instead of being nothing but cheesecake, Record of Agarest War turns out to have some length and girth to it. Colour us surprised."

Record of Agarest War is slated for a Western release this autumn.