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Modern Warfare 2-themed 360 unveiled

It's got a big fat 250GB hard drive.

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a new Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive - more storage space than any previous iteration of the console.

The Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console, as it's fully titled, features "an exclusive warzone design inspired by the epic thriller". You also get two wireless controllers, a headset and a copy of the game.

The bundle is being launched alongside Modern Warfare 2 on 10th November and will only be available at GAME and Gamestation. "It's the highest compliment to the team and our fans to have a special themed Xbox 360 console," said Infinity Ward boss Vince Zampella. "The precision and detail that’s been put into the console captures the intensity and feel of Modern Warfare 2."

So far only a US price has been announced for the bundle - $399, equivalent to around 240 quid or €270.