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GT PSP special editions detailed

Collector's game and PSP3000 bundle.

Sony's PlayStation Blog has detailed two special editions of Gran Turismo PSP: a Collector's Edition of the game, and a Gran Turismo Edition PSP3000 bundle.

The Collector's Edition features an exclusive car in the form of a black Bugatti Veyron, plus five Bugatti art cards and swish silver foil effect packaging.

The console bundle, meanwhile, includes a GT-branded PSP3000, a voucher to unlock a white Corvette ZR1 on the PlayStation Network, and a leather pouch for your new handheld.

Both will appear in shops when the game launches on 1st October. There's no price for either edition as yet. Launching at the same time is the PSPgo - and early adopters of that machine will also get GT PSP for free.