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Dreamcast PSN releases possible?

Sony/SEGA meeting document emerges.

Sony and SEGA have discussed releasing Dreamcast games exclusively on PlayStation Network for a "long period", according to a marketing document uploaded to a PR FTP folder.

The deal, which sounds more like a suggestion thrown around a marketing meeting than a specific plan, could involve "a long period of exclusivity" in exchange for "more marketing support" from SCEA.

The document also mentions that Sony America "wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/etc)".

It further says that Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 3 motion controller in Japan next March (spring is the current official timeframe worldwide), and expects to sell between four and five millions units of it in an unspecified timeframe.

Elsewhere there are ideas regarding the Yakuza games ("Could put Japanese games directly on PSN for download in special Japanese Import section... Might need to localise menus at least with subtitles") and for a "Best of Sonic" Blu-ray compiling all the old Sonic games for $99. "SCEA would love PSN exclusive power-ups/different game modes," it adds.

Again, it all sounds tentative, but you can make your own mind up by reading it on places like NeoGAF, where the document's reproduced in full.