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Star Trek: DAC dated for PC, PS3

November-bound with film DVD.

Paramount Digital has announced the November release of top-down shooter Star Trek: DAC for PC and PS3.

This was released for Xbox Live Arcade back in May and was rubbish. But this new version may be significantly better.

That's because developer Naked Sky is adding more ships, introducing configurable AI settings, and stuffing in new game modes and stereoscopic 3D support for PC. The latter is handled through some NVIDIA's 3D VisionTM 3D Stereoscopic experience thingy.

Incidentally, that PC version of Star Trek: DAC will be available on Steam.

Star Trek: DAC offers use of the canonical fleet of spaceships for a big old laser-fight in the sky. Its November release happens to coincide with the DVD launch of the latest Star Trek film, which arrives on 16th November.

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Star Trek: DAC

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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