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Star Trek XBLA/PSN game detailed

Not just a rehash of the film.

Paramount bigwig Benjamin Hoyt has said the Star Trek game for XBLA and PSN is "focused on fun, not a retelling of the [upcoming film's] story".

Roboblitz developer Naked Sky will develop, according to Kotaku, and aims to launch alongside the JJ Abrams big-screen venture this May. The PSN version will arrive later for a "couple of reasons", but Hoyt didn't elaborate.

Star Trek: DAC (a subtitle no one will explain) will be a top-down 3D space shooter where players fly around space as the USS Enterprise zapping nasty Romulans with laser bombs or whatever they use in the future. Don't expect a deep and meaningful exploration of Star Trek canon.

Strategic elements will underpin the arcade action, we're told, and involve protecting and harvesting resources and completing goals within set time limits. Ships can be upgraded, and there should be three gametypes on offer.

Naked Sky also promises multiplayer bouts for two teams of six, which can be filled with bots if friends are at a premium or have been stolen by bumpy-headed Klingons.

Extra ships and levels via DLC are a possibility for the future.

Star Trek: DAC has no price yet, but there will be demos to try before you decide to buy.