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XBLA: Star Trek and Texas Cheat 'Em

Clear some space, the final frontier.

Star Trek: D-A-C and Texas Cheat 'Em are this week's Xbox Live Arcade releases, meaning you'll be able to contemplate spending the virtually standard 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) on them on the morning of 13th May.

D-A-C is a top-down shoot-'em-up where you get to fly around deep space boffing the Romulan Empire and wondering if you should go and see the new film, which the game is inspired by rather than based on.

In addition to a single-player campaign, there's 12-player online combat. The game's also due out for PC and PSN in the near future, and there's a trailer on EGTV which mixes film and game footage for some reason.

Texas Cheat 'Em, meanwhile, is a collection of casino-themed mini-games where you can stack the odds in your favour by using one of 15 cheating abilities, all the while trying to avoid getting caught out and having your hand hammered by Robert De Niro (or similar). This also has online multiplayer.