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Track Mania heading to DS

Race Driver handheld team doing it.

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Focus Home Interactive plans to release TrackMania on DS at the end of the year.

Firebrand will be developing it - the same studio behind the much acclaimed handheld version of Race Driver.

And similarly, TrackMania DS will headline with a track editor so you can prolong your gameplay almost indefinitely.

No other details have yet been revealed, but expect to be able to race against your friends on Wi-Fi, share your creations and embark on some short-thrill challenges as well as a full campaign.

"The fact that some members of the Firebrand team are true TrackMania fans definitely convinced us to trust them, and the first results are spectacular," said Focus Home Interactive boss Cedric Lagarrigue.

"We believe that the Nintendo DS console is well-suited for more casual games than to realistic simulations, and TrackMania DS, with the fun it brings in solo as well as in multiplayer mode, along with its well-known track editor, should find itself quite a nice place on Nintendo's handheld."

TrackMania is a puzzle-based racer that has you picking out the shortest route through a level by leaping through the air and generally doing things you hopefully don't see on roads in real life.

Given the quality and depth of content of Race Driver: Create & Race and fitting gameplay of TrackMania, this ought to be pretty special.

We also love TrackMania, as you can see from a couple of our past reviews.

Look at TrackMania DS in motion on Eurogamer TV. Go on.

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