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TrackMania DS gets release date

There's not long to wait now.

It's been announced that the first DS instalment in the TrackMania series will be released on 21st November.

TrackMania DS will feature more than a hundred circuits, three single-player modes and three types of environment. Rally tracks require you to handle dirt paths and winding tracks in ultra-light vehicles. In the Desert it's all about giant potholes and chain bridges. Power-slides and skidding skills will be needed for the Stadium circuits, where you'll get to race stylised F1 vehicles.

"Words don't do the game justice... Literally," said Alan Wild of developer Ascaron (our italics, his use of the word "literally"). "Play it, and you'll be hooked. Therein lies the TrackMania ethos. This is gaming as it's meant to be."

TrackMania DS will cross the finishing line, stand on the winners' podium and spray champagne in the face of a girl wearing hotpants on 21st November. Discover why that's exciting news in our TrackMania DS hands-on preview.