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Eidos reveals Battlestations: Pacific

Play as Japanese on PC, 360.

Eidos has finally whipped the tarpaulin off of World War II sequel Battlestations: Pacific, after teasing us with financial report sightings for a while.

It will be twice the size of the 2007 original and is only in development for PC and 360. No date has been mentioned, although we expect it this year.

One of the biggest changes will be the chance to command the Japanese, opening up lots more units and campaign options. Those bonkers kamikaze pilots are in: did any of you see the documentary on telly about them?

Other fresh features are deployable infantry that use parachutes and landing craft to get around, before running hopelessly into artillery shells from defenders.

There should be more online multiplayer options than before as well, so you can take on your friends at a spot of war using plenty more units, maps and options to spice things up.

Battlestations is set around the fight between the US and Japan during World War II, which involved all that Pearl Harbour stuff.

It lets you control boats, submarines and planes and flick between units to coordinate enormous attacks.

We rather liked Battlestations: Midway last March, and Kristan said a steep learning curve and inaccessible real-time controls were the only real set backs in an otherwise very intelligent and unique game.

Watch with interest - in our fresh Battlestations: Pacific gallery, if you like.

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Battlestations: Pacific

Xbox 360, PC

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