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"No plans" for Smash Bros. on DS

As far as creator Sakurai is concerned.

Game creator Masahiro Sakurai has "no plans" to make a Smash Bros. game for DS.

It would work on the platform, he told IGN at the Game Developers Conference, but it is not something he sees himself doing.

"Seeing the success that Brawl has had with the Wii remote being played sideways, I don't think that there are control limitations that keep it from being ported to the DS," said Sakurai. "But I personally have no plans to do this myself.

"If, in the future, such a thing was to be planned, it would be up to Nintendo to decide how and when and in what way they would like to create that sort of game."

So, nothing appears to be in the works at the moment, but a DS version is far from dead and buried. It's quite usual for a different team to take control of a handheld version.

But it gets us no closer to a European date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Which is a little frustrating, seeing as Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit were both recently given April launch windows here.

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