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Put your Miis in Mario Kart Wii

Plus leaderboards, ghosts, track names.

Mario Kart Wii will let you make your very own Miis ride on bike or karts in online races, according to Famitsu.

The latest issue, partly translated by IGN, also says that you will be able to download 'ghost' lap data so you can race against the best players in time trials.

There's also talk of a new Wii Channel, which allows you to keep up with worldwide rankings.

Something like that is certainly visible in scans of the article, which also rehashes a lot of the info we've heard before: 32 tracks, 16 of which are new, mid-air tricks and 12-player online modes.

It also names some of the new courses, according to IGN - Coconuts Mall, DK Snowboard Cross, Kinoko Canyon, Kinopio Factory, Luigi Circuit, Mario Circuit and Momo Country.

And, yes, it includes the infamous 10th April Japanese release date that Nintendo UK yesterday denied before we received convincing information that it's perfectly true.

What that means for the game in the US and Europe is another matter. Neither GameStop nor Amazon lists a date for the US, while Play.com claims 25th April for the UK and others plump for Q2.

Nintendo has yet to officially announce a date for any region.

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