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EA unveils Euro 2008 game

Captaincy mode, interactive celebrations.

Electronic Arts has announced its inevitable Euro 2008 game although shockingly it's only announced it on six formats. They are Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and PSP. "It will also be available for PC and mobile in Europe," the press release says, implying that it won't be outside Europe. Bad luck, Brazil! Not long to go, either - the game's being prepped for release on 11th April.

As you might imagine, it has all of the teams and official stadiums from the tournament itself, which takes place in June, and you will be able to play as your favourite country from qualification (or not) right through to the end of the tournament itself (quarter-final penalty shootout, surely).

New bits include a mode called Captain Your Country, where players can "put themselves on the pitch, earn the captaincy of their team and truly inspire their country to [turgid, soggy and embarrassing home defeats that I was at]", and they've even got interactive goal celebrations "that will add to the pageantry and atmosphere of the event".

Online there's "Battle of the Nations" mode so that gamers the world over can "lead their country to global supremacy", which sounds a bit odd for a game about Euro 2008 but there you go. Watch out for a review of all that closer to 11th April. Let's hope the results can live up to what EA Canada did with FIFA 08 late last year, or even improve on it.