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Wii remains top-selling console in Japan

But PSP trounces DS.

The Nintendo Wii remained top of the Japanese hardware chart for another week, according the latest data from Media Create for the week ending 10th February, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

The console sold 81,737 units, down from last week's number of 94,473, while most other consoles also saw a fall in sales week-on-week.

The PlayStation Portable in second place was the only unit to buck that trend, seeing a marginal increase from 72,528 in sales the previous week to 75,912 last week.

The DS lost around 7000 to 60,464, while the PlayStation 3 saw the biggest drop - it sold just 23,985 last week compared to a previous week number of 41,796, although the console is still on course to break the 2 million barrier in Japan within the next few weeks.

PlayStation 2 sales fell by around 1000 to 11,038, while the Xbox 360 experienced yet another quiet week, selling just 3615.

The full chart is as follows:

  1. Nintendo Wii: 81,737
  2. PlayStation Portable: 75,912
  3. Nintendo DS: 60,464
  4. PlayStation 3: 23,985
  5. PlayStation 2: 11,038
  6. Xbox 360: 3615

GamesIndustry.biz didn't buy any of those consoles last week in Japan, so ner.

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