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Rein rubbishes Gears of War 2 reports

"It is complete nonsense."

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has rubbished suggestions that GamePro magazine is about to unveil Gears of War 2.

Speculation wasn't so much fuelled as firebombed over the weekend after the US magazine released a cover image bearing the fateful words.

However, Rein told his faithful forum friends, "It is complete nonsense.

"We have not announced a sequel to Gears of War to GamePro or anyone else for that matter."

Then, overnight, GameSpot got hold of a scan of the article and now reports that it's speculative, talking about "what we should expect" and even admitting it "hasn't officially been announced yet".

Tune in the week after next during the Game Developers Conference to see whether it will be officially announced there - perhaps as part of Xbox man John Schappert's keynote.

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