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Race Driver: GRID this summer

Realism through a Hollywood lens.

Codemasters has said it aims to release Race Driver: GRID on PS3, 360 and PC this summer.

It was also keen to point out that this should not be considered a TOCA game, but rather an exciting experience somewhere between realism and arcade.

"Put simply, GRID is all about making racing cars exciting again. We got tired of playing games that are more about collecting or tuning or decorating cars than they are about actually racing them," game designer Ralph Fulton told videogaming247.

"It's also key that this isn’t another TOCA game. The name change is important in that it signifies a change of direction away from our simulation roots.

"We’re still serious about building a realistically-simulated world, but we want it to be a world seen through the lens of a Hollywood director. That means ensuring that the game is fast-paced and rich with incident."

GRID is powered by a new and improved version of the Colin McRae: DiRT engine, which is now called EGO. This means it looks better and can handle more cars and spectators on the screen at once.

It's also been designed with an American audience in mind: gamers who didn't 'get' TOCA, according to recent comments by Fulton.

We got our hands on it just the other day and were suitably impressed: it's well-polished, entertaining, and has some interesting ideas.

Pop over to our first impressions of Race Driver: GRID to find out more.

Alternatively, head over to Eurogamer TV to see what Race Driver: GRID looks like in motion. Media Dan says it looks lovely. Do you believe/trust him?

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Race Driver: GRID

PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo DS

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