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No More Heroes pushed back a bit

Hold on a little longer.

Rising Star has shifted the release of No More Heroes back two weeks to 14th March.

Not terribly interesting, really, but we thought you had better know.

No More Heroes is a cel-shaded and stylised Wii outing where you play as a chap called Travis Touchdown and just happen to be an assassin with a fancy beam katana - or lightsaber-alike, if you like.

This third-person action affair has you dispatching fellow killers like yourself by shaking your arms around and following the instructions on screen. But each targeted assassin will have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves: one was a magician and flipped the world upside down.

Not the sort of title you might expect on the Wii, which is probably why everyone has been so thoroughly impressed with it, us included.

Head over to our No More Heroes review to find out more.

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