No More Heroes


FeatureSuda51 and the rise of Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes' maniac creator lays out his masterplan.

VideoNo More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise vid

Suda51 title gets PS3 port, Move controls.

FeatureGrasshopper's Suda51

On Shadows of the Damned and more.

Key events

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes revealed for Switch

Suda 51's first time in the director's chair since the original No More Heroes.

FeatureSuda51 and the rise of Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes' maniac creator lays out his masterplan.

No More Heroes mobile spin-off incoming

Suda to make bloodiest social game ever.

VideoNo More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise vid

Suda51 title gets PS3 port, Move controls.

Marvelous merges with Last Story dev

AQ Interactive joins Harvest Moon studio.

FeatureGrasshopper's Suda51

On Shadows of the Damned and more.

Suda51 wants to make No More Heroes 3

But it won't happen any time soon.

No More Heroes PS3 gets US release

New Move control scheme, bosses added.

EA: We're not "toning down" Suda51

Horror game set for Tokyo reveal.

Suda51's new game is Sine Mora

No More Heroes dev opts for PSN, XBLA.

FeatureGrasshopper's Suda 51

"Maybe Europeans just like blood."

No More Heroes heading to PS3 and 360

Touches down this February in Japan.

Suda 51 collaborating with Square Enix

Grasshopper leaps back into action.

Marvelous considers going hardcore

No More Heroes pub looks to 360/PS3.

FeatureSuda 51

"One day, I want to be able to throw pants."

No More Heroes 2 to get two versions

Gory and mild, both available in Europe.

No More Heroes pushed back a bit

Hold on a little longer.

No More Heroes

We meant to do that.

FeatureGrasshopper's Suda 51

On the Wii, No More Heroes - and bowel movements.

No More Heroes

Killer 7 team's latest.

No More Heroes

No more gore.

Rising Star on censorship claim

No More Heroes is as intended.

Gore cut from No More Heroes

PAL version same as Japanese.

No More Heroes in February

Superman going travelling.

No Killer 7 for Wii

Capcom admits web blooper.