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No More Heroes heading to PS3 and 360

Touches down this February in Japan.

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed that Wii game No More Heroes is heading PS3 and Xbox 360 in Japan in February.

Subtitled Heroes Paradise, the game adds Japanese voice acting and a mode where female characters wear little. Presumably there will also be adjustments made for higher resolutions. There are a few scans on Kotaku.

No More Heroes, released in January 2008, tells the tale of assassin Travis Touchdown who must hunt down and kill all other assassins with his magnificent laser sword, which is a cross between a Lightsaber and a strip-light.

Whether the Wii controls can translate to pad we'll have to wait and see. Still, it's encouraging to see Suda work on the platform ahead of the PS3 wand's and Project Natal's arrival next year.

As a Wii game No More Heroes stood out; it was a rare attraction for core gamers and, thanks to stylish design, quickly gathered a cult following. Catch-up with our review for a full analysis.

A sequel, No More Heroes: Desparate Struggle, will be released in January across Japan.

There's more on both Wii games below.