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Gore cut from No More Heroes

PAL version same as Japanese.

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Rising Star Games has confirmed reports that the European version of No More Heroes will be based on the censored Japanese version.

"We're publishing the same version of No More Heroes that has been successfully received in Japan," Rising Star MD Martin Defries said in a statement issued in response to inquiries.

"Ultimately, it's a fantastic game to play and that's all we care about at Rising Games."

No More Heroes is the latest game from Killer 7 director Goichi Suda, and is typically violent, starring an otaku who becomes an assassin and has to climb a sort of assassin leaderboard.

In the US, that violence is preserved by publisher Ubisoft, but in Japan and Europe that's not going to be the case. Unless we all shout at Rising Star about it, presumably.

Still, if you do want some gore, you could always watch the Machine Girl trailer. TEMPURA!

Check out our No More Heroes gamepage for trailers. The full game is due out on 29th February 2008.

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