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Suda51 teases Wii U No More Heroes 3

Suggests new hero.

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Goichi "Suda51" Suda has given a strong indication that No More Heroes 3 will be a Wii U game.

In an interview with Destructoid, Suda was reminded he had once said NMH3 would come to the next Nintendo console.

"Of course, yeah," replied Suda with an awkward laugh and dawning look of recognition.

With a nod from his PR aide he continued: "I promise to not break your heart."

"However, I was at the Nintendo booth yesterday and today, and I actually had a chance to take the Wii U into my own hands. And as soon as I grabbed it things started swirling in my head."

"I don't know if it's going to be one male character," he teased, suggesting another hero besides Travis Touchdown.

"It seems like maybe there's a possibility that I may come up with some ideas.

"I'll leave it at that for now," he concluded, "we'll see what happens. Of course I can't reveal who that guy is in my head."

In March this year, Suda revealed that he wanted to make a third No More Heroes game. He added the caveat that "it won't happen soon".

The stylishly cel-shaded No More Heroes series debuted on Wii. The idea is for hero Travis Touchdown to rove around, finding fellow assassins to duel and kill to progress up the rankings ladder.

No More Heroes 2 was released in May last year. Eurogamer gave it an 8/10 thumbs-up.

"It mixes toilet humour with lightsabres, decapitation with banal one-liners, themes of stiff-lipped revenge with themes of pet care, Telecaster riffs with violin soliloquies and John Woo action mechanics with Famicom-aesthetic mini-games," wrote reviewer Simon Parkin. "And somehow, in amongst all of the confusion and tension and mess, a video game of coherent vision and engaging execution emerges."

No More Heroes Xbox 360 revamp versus Wii.

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