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EA: We're not "toning down" Suda51

Horror game set for Tokyo reveal.

EA has promised gamers No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda has been granted the freedom to make his upcoming untitled horror game as mental as he wants.

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Suda51, as he is better known, is collaborating with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami on the game, set to be revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Little is known about the title, announced in August 2008.

EA Partners boss David DeMartini described the project as a "learning experience" for all parties, and said EA's goal was to "Westernise" the marketing of Suda51's typically mental game ideas.

"We've allowed him the opportunity to fully explore his creativity," DeMartini said.

"The key thing is not for us to tone down Suda or try and Westernise Suda, but to try and make sure the game gets broad enough exposure that more people appreciate it.

"No More Heroes, his other games, they're all critically acclaimed, but it's like a boutique movie where it's highly acclaimed but it doesn't get into all the theatres so not everybody gets a chance to see it.

"Obviously with EA's publishing and sales team, we're going to have this game in all theatres. It's going to be in all the retail outlets. People are going to get an opportunity to finally listen to what you guys have been writing about Suda for a long time.

"These games are great. They're overlooked a little bit. The non-Western or European wrapper these games typically have; get through the game and you'll really see the magic that's in there. That's what we're shooting for here.

"We didn't try and Westernise his ideas. We let him explore his ideas fully. Now we're going to Westernise the sales and marketing approach so it gets out there and is known by as many people as possible, to give him the best opportunity to sell to a ton of people."

Asked by Eurogamer if a Tokyo Game Show reveal for Suda51's game makes sense, DeMartini replied: "Yes."

DeMartini also confirmed that the game will be released on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

We quizzed Suda51 himself on his EA Partners published game after he revealed yet another upcoming collaboration, this time an old school downloadable 2D shooter called Sine Mora, at gamescome last week.

"It's going well," Suda51 told Eurogamer.

"Don't worry. It'll come soon."

Tokyo Game Show soon?

"I'm not sure. But of course, please come to Tokyo."