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Peter Moore joins "blogosphere"

Willing to accept brickbats.

Peter Moore - you know, used to be boss of Xbox, is now boss of EA Sports, bald, nice tats - has started a brand new blog.

It appears to be down at the moment, but when it's up and running again you'll see it's Moore's attempt to get cosy with fans of EA Sports games. He says he's happy to receive feedback, good and bad, though probably not violent, from the Internet community.

"I may be a little late to the blogosphere, but I have always enjoyed my interactions with gamers and recently decided to develop a more consistent forum than presentations and interviews," Moore's first post reads.

"I also want to hear from you - EA Sports Nation - about what is on your mind: plaudits, gripes, vents, kudos (when due) and brickbats when deserved."

Check out the blog, when it's up and running again, to see whether kudos or brickbats are winning.