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Adventures of Lolo 2 on PAL VC

Old-days HAL puzzler.

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HAL Laboratory's oft-overlooked NES puzzle game Adventures of Lolo 2 is the only new title on the Wii Virtual Console in Europe this week.

Presumably it's often overlooked because we want them to put games like Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console not this fluff no one remembers.

Anyway, HAL made quite a few of these Lolo games, which descend from the "Eggerland" original and involve navigating around tricky monsters to collect items and acquiring a Jewel Box to clear the way to the next room.

This one is from the NES, so costs 500 Wii Points (let's get this right this week - approx. GBP 3.50 / EUR 5.00), and has 50 rooms and four hidden "pro-puzzle" rooms to uncover.

We'll be letting you know whether it's any cop once Nintendo's released enough Virtual Console games to justify our doing another roundup! In the meantime, share your wisdom using the devices below.

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