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Blacksite PS3 slips a week

Mulder gets phone call.

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Midway has told Eurogamer that Blacksite on PS3 will arrive a week later than expected on 7th March.

So, those of you saving your pennies for this Friday will have to hold on a little longer.

Blacksite is a first-person shooter that sees you facing off with aliens in small-town America.

It hit press headlines due to its narrative, which is inspired by the current political climate in the US. Creative director Harvey Smith feels very strongly about this, and clearly hoped he could illuminate us through the game.

But his ambition was blighted by a rather slap-dash final product which, by his own admission, had been rushed to release.

Smith was open about its failure on 360 and PC last November though, and said he and his team "deserved" the critical backlash because he believed in "personal accountability".

He left Midway soon after. Apparently it was a mutual decision.

So Blacksite was underwhelming, unfinished, and only around four hours long. Hopefully the extra time the PS3 version has had in development can turn this into a solid rental recommendation.

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