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Burnout DLC will work like Crackdown

Still see it even if you don't have it.

EA has said that downloadable additions to Burnout Paradise will be a mixture of free and paid-for content. However, those who do not buy the updates will still be able to see the new stuff in-game.

The publisher was responding to probing over whether those with different content packages would be able play together online, as buying new updates is obviously an optional choice.

"Our intention is to offer both free and paid-for DLC in a way that enables everyone to 'see' the content, even if they have not paid for it," EA told MTV Multiplayer.

"We don't want to split the online community between those that have content and those that don't."

It suggests Criterion will not offer any drastically game-altering content that you have to pay for.

Crackdown employed a similar method at the beginning of last year, allowing you to see where the new sub-mission types were but not access them unless you had forked-out.

Realtime Worlds even took the idea one step further by letting you enjoy the new distractions if you were joining a friend who had paid.

Burnout Paradise only offers the full online experience to those with a hard-drive, which excludes Xbox 360 Core owners. Criterion recently said that it had decided to do this after talking with Microsoft and deciding it was in your "best interests" so that you could experience all of its vision.

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