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Fresh footage of GTA IV

Not about races, just places, faces.

Rockstar has drenched the Internet in five new videos of Grand Theft Auto IV, letting us a little closer to the main characters in the game.

There's Roman Bellic, the entrepreneur with a comedic twist; Vlad Glebov, a Russian-born money lender and scary person; and Manny Escuela, a tough but caring community leader.

We're also given advert-style clips for the fictitious network Whiz Mobile and popular watering hole Steinway Beer Garden.

We've popped a batch of fresh screenshots in our Grand Theft Auto IV gallery too, in case you hadn't noticed.

Grand Theft Auto IV is due out for Xbox 360 and PS3 on 29th April.

Among its myriad new features are clever use of an in-game mobile phone so you can phone your friends and prank-call police, as well as alcohol that gets you drunk and makes you fall over and crash cars.

Pop over to our Grand Theft Auto IV gamepage for lots more information.

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