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Silicon Knights gets grant for thriller

New game coming in 2010.

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Too Human developer Silicon Knights has been given CAD 500,000 to help kick-start work on its psychological action thriller.

The game has no name for now, but it's due out on "all next-generation systems" in 2010 - when people will have robots to do housework and flying cars to take them to work.

Fellow Canadian outfit Digital Extremes (currently making Dark Sector) has also received CAD 500,000 from the Video Game Prototype Initiative.

The game will be a third-person action game for PS3, 360 and PC with an "old-school horror theme".

"We feel that programs such as the VGPI will enable Ontario game developers to take more financial and creative control over major game development projects and help ensure the benefits of these projects stay in Ontario," said Michael Schmalz, money man at Digital Extremes.

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack added: "Ontario's best natural resource is our people, and with all the great universities and colleges in Ontario, there's an abundance of bright and creative talent.

"Most of Silicon Knights' team are graduates of Ontario colleges and universities, and our team members are the best and brightest in their fields. This grant will encourage this great talent to stay within Ontario."

The Initiative is run by the Ontario Media Development Corporation and its selections were made by a review panel featuring big shots from Ubisoft, Activision and Other Ocean Interactive.

Perhaps our government should stop complaining about games and start encouraging development.

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