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Silicon Knights' cancelled games laid bare

Too Human 2, 3, Eternal Darkness 2, more.

Silicon Knights' cancelled games have been laid bare as part of a wide-ranging investigation by a member of NeoGAF.

User Mama Robotnik lists all known Silicon Knights games, including those released and unreleased, and unearths screenshots, concept art, renders and videos to showcase them.

Among the listed games is Too Human 2, Too Human 3, Eternal Darkness 2 and a number of aborted games worked on after the release of the first Too Human for Microsoft Game Studios.

Too Human 2, it seems, was to be called Too Human: Rise of the Giants. But this, along with the third game in the planned trilogy, was cancelled.

Too Human: Rise of the Giants.

After this point Silicon Knights worked on a variety of cancelled projects, including a Silent Hill style game called The Box for Sega (later renamed The Ritualyst for THQ). The Box was an “open world survival horror” game intended for release on the PS3 and 360, but it never materialised. In 2009 new partner THQ pulled out after it ran into financial difficulties.

The Box, an open world survival horror game akin to Silent Hill.

There is also evidence of a fantasy dungeon crawler called The Crucible: Evil Within, something called Siren in the Maelstrom, a game called The Sandman and another game called King's Quest, all brought to light by the high-profile lawsuit between SK and Epic Games over the use of the Unreal Engine - a case SK lost.

And then we come to Eternal Darkness 2, the game SK supposedly worked on in secret while it was making the disaster that was X-Men: Destiny for Activision. Mama Robotnik has published a number of images supposedly from the game. One of these is below.

Is this Eternal Darkness 2? Perhaps we will never know.

Silicon Knights allegedly operates with a skeleton staff of just five having lost its long-running and costly battle with Epic Games.